The most realistic images can be captured and adopted to any required dimension, with the same efficiency, either is corrugated, flexible, label or paper, delivering successfully, what exactly the client expects.

Working in synergy with the most experienced & certified partners of the flexographic printing world, we apply the latest software, control and measurement tools, improving constantly the design & manufacturing process.

Flexo Saxionis SA has been established and applies a Quality Management System, which is applicable requirements of ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015.




Flexo Saxionis SA is the 1st supplier & producer of flexographic digital plates with Pinning Technology in Greece

Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer is the exclusive plate technology engineered by Asahi Photoproducts to transfer all remaining ink to the print substrate due to the photopolymer plates having a lower surface energy than other plates on the market. Not only does this deliver stunning graphical quality, but it also improves overall production efficiencies due to reduced makeready waste and fewer press wash-ups.

Customer Service Success Story

Flexo Saxionis SA recently supported  industry leader with the purchase and installation of Asahi’s AWP Plate Processing unit and Vianord. The use of Asahi’s AWP system brings improved quality and sustainability to their production.

Asahi AWP Water Wash

Asahi AWP is a unique plate making technology and a beneficial alternative to other print processes. The Ink Pinning Technology provides a simple way to improve print quality.

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